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  • Easy to use

    You do not need any special skills or knowledge to use and understand our infosign solution.

  • Easy administration

    Editing of the content happens right in the preview of your screen. Changes are instant. It’s very simple to manage all your screens as long you are online.

  • Easy to publish

    There is no software needed, everything is done in your web browser. What you see in the editor is what gets published. There is no special infrastructure needed. Everything is cloud based.

About loopSign

Our business is to make digital signage as simple and easy to use that there is no need for training before you start using it. Our interface sends your content instantly to the screens you want to publish to. You can easily publish pictures, messages, automated weather forecasts, RSS feeds like news tickers and so on. With loopSign's easy to use interface we know you will be happy.

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